Friday, 20 April 2012

Last person standing

Arrows scream, and fire burns,
Water drowns, to earth returns
The person standing to conquer all,
Another body, another stall.

Walk among debris with arms flung out
Without mercy without doubt
Killing, killing has begun
Victims, enemies, start to run

The fire leaping is your friend
Deathly corpses met their end
Pick through bones and fallen swords
It's you, against all the odds

The medal hangs heavy around your neck
The thousand souls that you collect
Adding your power, multiplying,
The tendrils of power, truly terrifying.

Your sword clashes with another
Finally someone worthy of bother
Sweat and blood trickles down your brow
Tears of pain and victory now

A final blow, just one, so deep
Into your side, a cut, blood leaps,
A final goodbye to what's known of the world
Your beloved wife, your beloved girl

The last man standing finally collapses.
Another warrior in death relapses
A man without feeling, without fear
Takes his place with the drop of a tear

Is this outrageous, asking them to battle?
To walk among kin while old bones rattle?
To kill without mercy, a slice with a landing--
Not too outrageous to the last man standing.


  1. BB, this is something I can really relate to.

    See, in my country we have obligatory army service from age 18-21 for boys, and 18-20 for girls, unless they want to be in the airforce or navy, or be an officer... and in 4 years, I'm going to have to be in the army, too. But, I know that I won't be in a military thing of any kind. There's an option to be in a part of the army that my country desperately needs, and the litteral translation of it is 'explanation'. There are so many political and military misunderstandings about things my country does, and I would be more than happy to serve my country in a way that shows that it is correct. In any case, I won't be fighting. But I know plenty of kids my age who want to be in fighting squads.

    Not only that, but this tuesday is my countries national rememberance day for all the soldiers that fell in wars and operations. My country is under 70 years old, and it has already had so many wars, and so many people were killed. Not only from our side, but from both. People not over the age of 25 *died* in the war for peace. Which, in my eyes, is the saddest and most ironic thing in existance. The War for Peace.