Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Thief In Black Strikes Back: A Pyred Adventure

Up on a ledge overlooking a forest path
Stood  a silent figure imposing, watching
Dressed all up in the deepest black
A dark fedora pulled low over the eyes
With a suite and tie to fit the disguise
The dark cape swirling dramatically in the wind
Beware the villain, a throwback of yesteryear
Whose demeanor spells trouble
For victims everywhere
Deep villainous laughter rings out merrily
Two gloved hands rub gleefully

In anticipation of the foul deed to be preformed
The Thief in Black has emerged from her lair once more
Here come the lovers walking down the path, holding hands
Innocent of what’s lurking  ahead in the depths of the forest

Hearts blazing with love for one another
After so much time apart, now they are together
Pyro with eyes so bright looks at Red with love
Sweet, smart and beautiful, her feelings for Pyro is mutual

It’s a shame the thief forgot about the fire
That lit up the hearts of the two in love with power

Instead she grabbed a vine
Then with a mighty Tarzan cry 
Swinging off that hidden ledge
To swipe away the girl named Red

Not really having thought things through,
The thief missed by a mile
Her Tarzan cry turned wild
As she swung  to a sudden stop
By an innocent oak,
Whose rough bark now would always bear
The imprint of the dastardly Thief in Black

Falling back into a bush full thorns and nettles
Stumbling back out with a sharp cry of pain
Surrounded by poison oak, the Thief was in for a surprise

“What was that noise?” Red asked bemused,
Turning around for just a quick look,
“It was nothing, my dear.” Pyro answered
With a dashing smile, that made Red’s heart melt

He knew, for having caught a brief glance
Of the thief who stalked them,
Yet would fail, Pyro vowed
As he put his arms around his love
“Let’s go to the circus.” Pyro said to Red
In an overloud voice
ust enough for the Thief in Black’s ear

Not knowing that a cunning mind was onto her
The Thief foolishly decided,
With her plans to proceed.

Wanting to have a little fun
With the villain who stalked them
Pyro kept a sharp eye out
On the lookout while romancing Red.

Rushing on, not feeling deterred
The thief snuck by the gates of the circus.
Darting behind a metal cage
Her plan set in motion

But as the thief passed the petting zoo
Her mission forgotten by the sweet neighing
Of an adorable miniature horse
Who needed a hug from the thief in black.

 Meanwhile the lovers laughed
Having found themselves alone at last
Sitting down for a meal for two
A perfect picnic on a warm and sunny day.