Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Relief

The knife in my heart-
Put there by the ones that pulled it out-
I was confused from the start,
But always thought I would be strong...
I guess that's only part...

My sin and my salvation;
It's awful when you know the truth,
But could I find a new conclusion?
No, what's real is real, and this is it-
This, the purpose for my execution.

I just can't breathe;
The knife is bleeding out my life,
But I can't leave...
So I stay with the dagger in my heart...
I guess death will be my relief.


  1. *hugs tight* SO sad, tragic yet worded so beautifully. You show so much depth and emotion.
    It stirrs my heart.
    Love you sister. *hugs tight*

  2. Skyril. So succinct and yet so beautiful, fantastically worded and, as always, a perfect poem, *hugs*,