Sunday, 9 September 2012

Daisies Make Me Smile

Noticing how different everybody is,
I still realize no matter what, all the while,
There's something here for everyone;
And me? Daisies make me smile.

And it makes me wonder about life.
What's the world to do?
Listing to such things she does?
Knowing full well there's laughter ringing through and through.

Ah, but what's humanity without her strife?
Choking, forbearing, insufferable the while,
Still, I shout out to the simple lov-el-lies of life,
Because for me? Daisies make me smile.


  1. Skyril! You make ME smile! Brilliant and Spirited poem! Love it! XD BRAVO!

  2. Daisies make me smile to! *eats meadow full of daisies*

    *with mouth full*

    Wasbnt mie!