Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Sonnet 2

It's been too long since I have faked a smile
For so long I've not had a reason to
But lately reasons seem to pile and pile
And I feel like there's nothing I can do
Except for faking smiles and happiness
And acting as if everything's okay
I'll try not to give in to helplessness
And tell myself it's just another day
Until this feeling passes and I'm fine
Until I cry some tears that truly help
Until I'll have some blessed peace of mind
Until there's blessed quiet in my head.
And when there is, I'll fall, a messy heap-
Into and endless, quiet, dreamless sleep.

1 comment:

  1. ...and we will be here, those who love and care for you, to hug you and hold you till all your tears are dried and you can smile for real, your happiness shining brightly more then the sun!
    Love you sister and I love this poem. I can't find the right words at this time to say how it makes me feel, just that I love it and that it stirs my soul. You can express things so wonderfully.
    Bravo Noam! *hugs* <3