Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Ghost's Farewells

In the night the girl stands quietly
Her eyes the color of shattered crystals
In the breeze her pale hair a-drifts
A sad tune she sings melodiously

About her feet, a tattered white dress billows
As her cold blue arm longingly uplifts
She sings of her past life and her adoration of one man there
To the bedside of her eternal love she goes

She stands 'side him to look into his feverish eyes
Her song she sings and his gaze right through her stares
Ghostly tears tremble upon her lashes as she breathes her good-byes...
For the last time her cold lips upon his forehead brush

But before she can disappear he does mutter, "Wait!"
To him, she soothingly murmurs, "Hush..."
To leave, she tries once more, but he sees her in his feverish state
"Let me come!" She weeps despairingly and says to him he cannot.

She tells him, for them both, he has to live here.
She quietly lays him to slumber once more.
"Ill always wait for you," she whispers in his ear
As she drifts away to patiently await him upon the cold shore...


  1. BRAVO Skyril!
    This poem is so achingly beautiful! It is haunting and stirring and pulls at the heart!
    It is breathtaking!
    I am so glad you posted this treasure!!!

  2. So beautiful and sad and chill. Brilliant, Skyril.

  3. Beautiful Skyril! So sad and sweet. It's amazing.

  4. So amazingly sad!

    Pure brilliance Skyril, as usual I'm lost for words…

  5. This is an amazing and beautiful poem... I love it, so sad and romantic. Stunning.