Saturday, 18 June 2011

Short Sweet Poem

I started a blog for poetry and writing, and this is a poem I just wrote a minute ago from the top of my head.

Blue skies up above me
dotted with cotton white
trees waving in the breeze
basking in sunlight
Blue skies up above me
on this glorious day
a sweet song ringing
from a little blue jay
Blue skies in the summer
you know it to be so
a time to be outside
a time when flowers grow 

Like it?


  1. Love it, Nicole!!

    I wrote a few summery poems last night. None good enough to share, but...

    CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S FINALLY SUMMER? *freaks out with a badminton racket in hand*

  2. I DO like it, Nicole! Amazing, especially since you just made it off the top of your head!