Sunday, 6 January 2013

365 Days Poem Challenge: Days 1-5

Day 01
The darkness is transparent,
Cling film that wraps me like a sandwich.

Day 02
My pale white skin
Torn by the rivers of blood
Are caused by the one who
Should have been protecting them.

Day 03
The world of fantasy,
Where I am God.
They believe in my existence
Though I’ve never been seen
Or heard.
They believe in me.

Day 04
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I got out of bed
Because I needed the loo.

Day 05
Please don’t stare.
Please don’t snigger.
Please don’t shout.
Please don’t stand and call me
The word that causes
A fraction of me to disappear.
Because really,
There’s only 1/3 left.


  1. *is deeply moved by the 4th poem*
    So heartfelt and beautiful! I swear I heard the angels in Heaven sing as I read this!
    I am so going to recite this for poetry night.
    (If I have your permission, that it)