Saturday, 5 January 2013

Some piece of crap I typed when I couldn't fall asleep

This is something that has been bothering me the last couple of days. It's not a poem, just a string of thoughts.
I can't seem to write much poetry :/
Also, if you have opinions on this (or on anything) please discuss in the comments or in another post.

Whoever that may be,
Fixate on the question,
“What is the meaning of life?”
As if it is the only question to be asked.
I disagree with the importance given to that question,
Because it’s stupid.
I think it means,
“What is the reason,
“If there is one,
“For livings things to exist?”
Which can only be answered with divinity,
Or an alien experiment.
I propose,
To my fellow Earthians,
That the question should be replaced with,
“Is there a reason to continue living?
“And if so,
I ask this because there seems to be a reason for surviving,
Otherwise why eat, sleep, breathe, shit and fuck?
We like to survive.
Our brains reward us with dopamine and other goodies,
Whenever we succeed at continuing to survive.
But then,
What about suicide?
If the primary objective is survival,
Shouldn’t suicide be blocked in the most fundamental line of coding?
And then,
What about art and film and television and music and books?
Why are we rewarded for creating and appreciating these vanities?
And to go even deeper,
Gambling, video games, drugs and other addictions,
What survival is gained from these fruitless actions?
Someone once said,
“There are no stupid questions
“Only stupid answers,”
I don’t know about that.
All I can hope is that I will continue my life,
Eating, sleeping, breathing, shitting and fucking,
And answer some simpler questions,
Before the end.


  1. I really like this :)

    And aren't most poems just strings of thoughts? It looks like a poem to me.

    As to the reason to keep on living? It's interesting. And I like the people.

  2. If this is just a string of thoughts, then it's the most interesting one I've heard in a while.

    I agree completely that asking what is the reason for things to exist is.. well, i don't think it should be asked. I think the fact we're here should be something we don't take for granted.

    Us being human beings, we live for more than just eating, sleeping, breathing, shitting and fucking. We have goals in our life, we aren't contempt with just quenching those animalistic cravings, we need something more. That is the art and film and television and music and books. Us humans feel we need to live for more than just being alive. We want to be happy, and happiness can be reached in different ways for every person. Some can feel happy with the bare minimum, and some can have it all but still feel like crap. Our uniqueness as individuals is what makes us want to live for more than eating, sleeping, breathing, shitting and fucking.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts guys ^.^
    In response, Red, I think that because we as a species have had to worry less about survival so we have more time to focus on creativity and art. Perhaps there is also a connection between this and the capabilities gained from our brains being able to grow more after a long ass time of evolving. And I think that happiness stems from this reward system our bodies developed so that we feel good when we experience what is perceived to be the "right thing" by our bodies.

  4. I want you to know I read your poem and found it intresting and thought provoking.
    However my mind is not in a good place to make a comment worthy of this. I hope maybe later.
    I am really glad you posted. It has been too long since your last amazing poem.
    It's good to hear from you again.