Monday, 8 April 2013

Haiku and Cinquain dump

It's when the moon shines,
Everything is dark and still,
But your mind runs wild.

I saw a shadow:
It danced and wove on the earth,
Laughing at sunlight.

There were small, bright lights;
I thought I saw small, bright lights,
But no- they were eyes.

Ok, the next one isn't actually a haiku. It's two and two-thirds haikus squashed together... But still.
I saw in a dream
A strange dystopian earth
Where monsters are real
And man has no worth;
The sky burns like acid
And falling rain stings;
Everything's rancid
On that strange dystopian earth.

What color's the sun-
Shiny and molten above?
Rainbow's seven hues.

There was
A star above,
Shining on Bethleham
Leading the wisemen to Jesus
Through night.

If I
Could have a wish,
I'd wish God be with you!-
Saving your soul forevermore
With love.

1 comment:

  1. *hugs tight* Your haikus are so lovely and imaginative. It is a delight and a treat to read yoru work. Love these! XD
    Loved the touch of the colors above. Brilliant sister. :D