Wednesday, 15 June 2011

You Are my Darkness and my Light

Here's a poem I wrote...
(yay! First of mine on this blog)
It's a love poem...

My world has fallen in two.

One half is darkness.
One is light.

You are my darkness.
You are my light.

I cry every night,
every day.
When the sun comes up,
when the stars shimmer in the sky,
like eyes,
watching me.
Watching you.

You went and broke my heart,
you tried to heal it, too.
But there’s nothing you can heal,
when my heart is torn in two.

You cried with me today,
you scorned my tears last night.
You hurt me day by day
but today you made it right.

My world is still in two.
Why is it so hard to stop loving you?