Friday, 8 February 2013


This was written verse by verse by Pyro and I. The ones in red are his.

There is something beautiful about cars in a traffic jam,
Especially at night, when their headlights are on,
They glisten like rows upon rows of yellow stars.

There is something beautiful about rain trickling down a window in a storm,
The endless world outside blurred and softened by just a few drops of water,
And everything is so gigantic and so miniscule because of it.

There is something beautiful about a cloudless sky on a cold night,
The moon casting puddles of soft silver light on the ground,
A breath morphing into shimmering clouds in front of my eyes.

There is something beautiful about streets in the middle of the night,
When they’re so very quiet and you can just about hear the wind,
And the light of the streetlamps makes the whole place glow.

There is something beautiful about inked words on a page,
The way each line forms a letter and every few letters a word,
And the words form sentences that hold worlds within them.


  1. OH my gosh! You both are so PERFECT! I LOVE THIS! I love the way you can capture magical moments that should never be missed but sometimes are by busy people. I love the way you both have been able to see teh beauty and special moments, both big and small in this life then share it with us.
    there whould be anotehr verse added about the beauty of you two. :D
    *hugs them both*
    BRAVO, me lovely sibs!

  2. These verses are fairly easy to write. You can add some, too! :D
    *hugs tightly* Thank you so much! Love yooououououoouuouuu!

  3. *hugs and noogies* This is too beautiful. I don't want to ruin it or mess it up. :P

  4. So beautiful, Red, Pyro. I love hearing it and seeing it, and I know just what you both mean. :-3
    It's perfect!

  5. Thanks, Lu, Skyril! *hugs you both*

    I'd like it if maybe you could add your own verses? About those little, beautiful moments?