Saturday, 2 February 2013

The Little Things

It's the little things.
Your laugh and its rarity,
The way you stifle your yawns,
How you try and flatten a stray lock of hair,
The way your eyes almost close when you smile,
That smile reserved only for when you say 'I love you',
The way your voice is a different type of amazing when you sing,
How you puff up your cheeks when they hurt from smiling too much,
Those rare moments in which I see your eyes despite Skype's shittiness,
                                         I love


  1. So sweet :]

    Imagining the voices and expressions of friends and people I love and remembering their words often make me smile and laugh for no reason. Makes people look at me funny when we're driving silently in the car :P

    I know how you feel :D
    Beautiful poem.

  2. NOAM! This poem is WONDERFUL! (just like you)
    You delight me so much with your ability to write so perfectly and creativly!The love that you feel for this lucky fellow (I wonder who it could be?) *giggles* it's so clear and evident. I love this! You brilliant girl! BRAVO
    *hugs and noogies*