Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Kallista the Queenfisher

In a tranquil forest one sunny day,
A sudden flash of blue announces the arrival of a Kingfisher,
Now elegantly perched,
On the bow of a young sapling, a birch.

With a feathered coat of unmatched beauty,
Two shining eyes and a dainty little beak,
With wings like no other bird's.
Kallista the Queenfisher takes to the skies.

Swooping, diving, in an arial show,
Kallingfisher is joined by a boy,
With a castle of tinfoil atop his head,
Which she enters and marvels at it's grandeur.

Snug in a comfortable corner of the castle,
And drowsy from the day's flight,
Kallista the Queenfishter curls up in a ball,
And murmurs to the boy, 'Goodnight.'

Thanks for reading.



  1. *hugs Pyro*
    Thanks you so much for writing this my friend.
    It's so epica!
    I marval at your ability to create beautiful poems so fast! :D
    This one is delightful to me!
    It shows your kindness and gentleness.
    Thanks for this exceptional poem Pyro! I will treasure it forever! :D