Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Simply Rattling

 Alright, this was born from a few comments I left on Hellboy's blog when I was realizing and talking about how sometimes I comment really confusingly. 
Imagine the person telling you about this is CraZY [Er, no, don't imagine me...]
[See more at the end of the poem after you read it]

Confusing text,
Mind boggling words,
Baffled birds,
You are perplexed.

A comma there,
A hyphen here.
You must beware,
Of Mrs. Grier!

Her tongue she spins
In mischievous swirls!
She lures her foes
And pounces quick!

Too soon you're muddled;
You're quickly befuddled.
You're dazed and clouded;
You're simply confounded!

She was so cheery.
"That Mrs Grier's a Dearie!"
But you glanced away.
You're now unhinged, the least to say...

A little twist around the corner,
Strange words slipped into place,
And little commas took up space.
"I certainly did warn yer!"

But you didn't hear of Mrs Grier
Because you're laying by a bier,
And the coffin lid is closing.
So now begins your decomposing.

Author's note again
So yeah, the person is insane and was talking to a dead person. ~nods~
lol, like it?


  1. FTW

    Skyril! You are so unbelievibly imaginative and BRILLIANT!
    You are the queen of EPICNESS!!!
    Reading your poems always stirs up strange and wonderful emotiond and I am just thrilled and delighted by this one!

  2. Awesome Skyril! This is so imaginative and wonderful!
    I can't wait to read more of your stuff! Keep writing poems!

  3. Brilliant Skyril! This is such an awesome poem. It's just too wonderful for words!

  4. Amazing Skyril! So very wonderful and imaginative! This poem is really awesome!