Wednesday, 17 August 2011


So I have a theme here. On my blog "Random, Much" I got some info from wiki on why the sky is blue. I'll write a story soon on that same topic (but with a huge difference on the explanation) but I need to eat breakfast first :P
For poetry... I wrote this poem:

The sky is blue, we all know it's true
The grass may be green or brown

But through and through, the sky is blue
In any city or town

At night, when the sun starts to rest its head

It explodes in reds and pinks
And after the sun goes to bed
It darkens, black as ink
But when the sun's up and burning bright
the sky remains one hue
A color that reappears after each night
The wonderful color of blue!
They explain it with science and technical terms
But to us its truly a simple thing
Some say that it's wavelengths  (some say giant worms)
But in our hearts the truth will ring
The sky is blue, through and through