Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Faces of Night and Day

The deep night doubt at dusk demands
    Its claim to time and twitch and trance;
    From soul's serenity it takes its stance,
Splintering the place of peace of plans;
Marring, scarring, molten ashes, masks melting 'way;
Grimacing, crying, heart-felt glaring, grin turning gray.

The time it takes til turn hath passed;
    Showing, sharing the face that squints and shies;
    Blistering, swearing the lips that lisp and lie.
Going strong- good as a dog- with each word gasped;
Shaking, hurting, proverbial howling, at the harvest of humanity;
Prodding, fracturing, frenzied panicking, at the frailest of fragility.

It takes its toll til dreams are trapped,
    Nagging and bragging through the night,
    Fearing and fleeing the coming light;
When riling by, the restless rest with knuckles rapped,
Sending, flying, relentlessly sighing, slipping from sobriety;
Drifting, wading, even disappearing, dangling from the Deity.

Until auburn waves amble awake,
    And the scarlet hope of dawn begins,
    Dismissing watery tears and fears within;
For the sacred masks don't slip for sake,
Showing, exciting, especially shining, free with words;
Breaking, escaping, eventually bantering, flying as 'prisoned birds.


  1. BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN SKY! Brilliant poem! Your epic talent keeps on growing! :D
    Thanks for posting this sweetie. *hugs*

  2. I love this! :) Gahhhh the whole thing calls for fast paced reading with a smile on my face. Possibly the best one you've written so far, although I've always liked your 'Death' poem as a personal favorite.

    What's the technique you've used? There's a word for it, we learnt it a while ago. You know- using several consecutive (or at least in the same sentence) words that start with a similar sound; "When Riling by, the Restless Rest with knuckles Rapped," for instance. You did that spectacularly.

    Aight, time to sleep. Awesome poem, Skyril :D

    1. Alliteration, I think it's called.

      This is up there on my favorite poems list, I think. Did you hear the story behind it? I was laying in bed, mind roaming, and suddenly the name "Scarlet Hope" popped into my head, followed by two lines of this poem.
      But I needed to work up to those lines, lol. I had a Derek Landy moment with that name, I think, even though the name is unrelated to the poem. :P