Saturday, 16 July 2011


Hey, I don't even know how I wrote this poem since I haven't been very depressed at all lately since the awesome storm clouds, rain, and cooler weather.
I suppose it's about time I wrote a sad poem :P
Hope you like it and you arn't too depressed by it....

I sit there in confusion
Whilst nine thousand feelings weigh upon my soul.
My hands clench in one moment,
And tremble in the next as I realize I can never climb out...
I'm falling down a never-ending black hole;
I'm forever lost in this dark void.
My heart is flooded with more than one doubt.
My body is diseased with despair.
All the ideas I once had now lay in ruins, utterly destroyed...
I don't know what to do...
I don't know how to handle this ordeal...
All that I am, all that I was..., I just cannot construe.....

The aims I had are now gone.
All dashed upon the unforgiving rocks of the seashore,
Then washed far away with the ocean's tide.
Happiness has fled from me;
Anguish consumes my being!
My logical mind deserted me long ago...
I sit alone..., always alone....
Ever falling deeper into this black pit.

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