Sunday, 31 July 2011

A smile

A smile, a smile,
A simple smile,
It raises you a grin
It makes you want to sing

A fragile smile,
A shimmering smile,
It makes your work light
It creats a mighty knight

A wolfish smile,
An interested smile,
It gets a boy his girl
It's sweeter than a pearl

A gentle smile,
A knowing smile,
It strengthens your dad
It encourages a lad

A happy smile,
A beautiful smile,
It makes your day nice
It fills your life with spice

A smile, a smile,
A simple smile
It's as sweet as a song
It makes the weak strong

Don't be afraid to smile;
Don't let the frowns hold you back
So smile on your a stroll
It might just heal a broken soul


  1. Aw, Skyril, this is such a sweet poem! People too often underestimate the power of a smile! :)

    I remember the 1st time I chatted with Skyril. I could FEEL her smile through the internet! The force of it light u a dozen lightbaulbs through out the house!
    Love your poem SKyril! Thanks for posting!