Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Murderer in the Mind

This is an extended version of a poem I've posted on my blog, called The Murderer in the Mind. And for the record- I am fine, it's just a poem :) Don't worry.

There is glass upon the table
And blood upon the ground
But none can see the pain within
And none can see the cause

There are tears upon the pillow
There is hurt within the soul
The heart is ripped and broken
The damage inside untold

There is a murderer in the mind
There is a body on the floor
The fact is it's too late now
The time has come and gone

There's a cut at the throat
There's a mark on the hand
The killer lies within the brain
The brain that is long dead

There's crimson on the clear glass
There is a stain upon the dress
Scarlet against the purest white
Hanging limp across the skin

There is limpness in the hand
There is a mourner by her side
The pain was too much
Now vanished is her life


  1. The words are tragic yet beautiful. A very heartwrentching poem. Epic
    Thanks for posting!


  2. This poem is so heartwrenching and haunting. Yet it is still very beautiful.

    Thank you for posting. You really have a wonderful gift!

  3. So sad and yet so beautiful. I love it in every way, Quinn!