Monday, 11 July 2011

Nic-Happy Birthday

M'kay so this is a poem I wrote as Nic's brithday present. And this is also my first post on The Poets Of Greatness.

The beautiful Mriss. Croga,
Oh how I swoon,
You take advantage of me,
Eyes piercing like a harpoon.

I love you dearly,
Like a sister,
Or a rock,
Don't ever leave me, mister.

Here is a wish,
For you and me,
To meet each other,
And hug with glee.

We could be best friends,
More so than now,
Don't ever forget me,
If you do, we'll row.

Nicollete Croga,
My dear beloved,
We'll be together always,
And battle with led.

This concludes,
Your Birthday Present,
I hope you liked it,
And got what I meant.

It's not very good I know. I'm not good at rhyming, but my feelings are there. :3

~Gepard Valk


  1. Yes the feeling is definately there.

    Therefore it is classified in my mind at least as good.

    One query.. Is Mriss a typo for Miss or did you mean Mriss and it has some unknown signficance?

    Also about rhyming poems don't have to rhyme. When rhyme is forced just for the sake of rhyming instead of adding significance to the poem then it often ruins a poem. To me the rhyme sounds forced...

    It has feeling but I think the poem would be better if it didn't rhyme.

    Awesome poem nonetheless.

  2. Mriss is something I call Nic. And I'm Mrister.