Sunday, 17 July 2011


Oh. My. Gosh. Quinn wrote a poem about love. :o What has the world come to? So- This is quite an old one (a month?) and I was flicking back, and I rather liked it, although it was a little bit cheesy... So, I present to you... Us!

All I want to do
Is hold you tight
Hold you close
So I can hear your steady heart beat
Pressed against mine
And your gentle warm breath
Against mine
Savouring the moment
And as my cheek rests
Softly on your shoulder
I want to feel my body
Mould against yours
Until we are one
Stood together
Only the moonlight giving us away
We are here in secret
On this bay of dreams
Lost fantasies
And deep imaginings
No one will see us
For we are alone
Just you and I
I and you.