Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Bleak World

When reading this, opinions has three syllables.

I've tried so very hard to make a change,
To see the world through other people's eyes,
But still to me their views seem odd and strange,
And their opinions I do despise.
Each day I see myself and wish once more,
That I could see the beauty in the clouds,
I wish I saw the grace of birds that soar,
Instead I'm left with noisy messy crowds.
I can't begin to think of all the time,
I've wasted, seeing nothing but the grey,
For even as I think and write each rhyme,
I think that maybe night will rise to day.
And finally I see what others see,
The beauty the whole world around me.



  1. This, I think, is the poem I've related to the most so far!
    [If I was on an iPod there would be 9 '!'s, three of them upside down] (: