Thursday, 6 October 2011

Place of Sorrow

Enter the door, my dear, my dear
Where broken dreams lie
And crushed hopes die
And wither, and crumble
In silent demise

A sorrowful place, my dear, my dear,
Where broken hearts sigh
And empty promises fly
Flitting here, flitting there
Like little lost birds

We can't help them, my dear, my dear
In this place of tears
Of seconds and years
I will enter the door
My dear, my dear

You broke my heart, my dear, my dear
I must stay
And hope, and pray
For my heart still burns
For only you

Stay with me, please, my dear, my dear
My mind knows true
But my heart loves you
Though I know it will never
Be whole again

So enter the door with me, my dear
Enter the door

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