Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Writer Of Sadness

Ah, I see it again,
That lonesome trail in which I walk,
It comes and goes,
But it always comes back.

It's a life, I suppose,
A very dreary one,
A very sad one,
A very bad one.

You could say, sometimes,
I hate it, I do,
But it's all I've got,
All I'll ever have.

Sadness can be good too,
At certain times,
Like when writing,
It brims my mind.

So, I guess,
It's not that bad,
Apart from the mockery,
Ridicule and hatred.

I'll get over it,
Every teenager does,
Just I'm a tad dramatic,
What writer isn't?


  1. *hugs*

    I've said it before, and I'll say it again - It gets better

  2. *hugs Gepard and does not let go*
    You have such a wonderful way with poems. I love it so much! Hang inthere my friend, You can get through this and go on to use these experience in your writings. You have such a great talent!
    Thank you for posting this!

  3. *hugs Gepard*

    You're an awesome poet, and an awesome friend.

  4. what ven said. It really will pass. Not the sadness, I don't think that ever goes, but people edge off of jerkiness over time. Just do what you need to until then, and please try not to hurt yourself, and it will be alright.