Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Happiness is twofold, simple joy and then contentedness fills in the gaps,
Getting satisfaction from the work that you do well, or the joy that comes from loving someone and having them love you back....

Happiness is dreaming sweetly, spiralling through cloudy forests, butterdream and other meaningless joyfulness.

But can a person be truly content,
With their life at every single turn and event,
Well I say yes, one can always have happiness.


  1. WOOOOOOP! An awesome poem, Chan! :D *hugs*

    Everybody- be jealous. I MET CHAN IRL TWICE! :P

  2. :3
    I love this poem, Chan!

    OH PLEASE come online more :D We miss you, dude!

    I am so jealous!!

  3. Thank you both, and yes, we met, sorry I'm hardly on skyril, I'll try harder to be on more soon

  4. Red be jealous- I go to school with this guy. I see him almost every day! XD

    Awesome poem Chan. I love it!

  5. Thanks a lot Octa, glad you love it, and btw, ur more awesome than me, so I am the lucky one