Sunday, 1 July 2012


I wanted to do something quick and simple, so I didn't bother to rhyme. I'll try harder next time :D

I can stop time.

I can stop the sun, moon and stars,

I can stop the waterfalls and volcanoes,
The rain, snow and wind,
The flowers and the trees.

I can stop all the bad in the world,
All the poverty and starvation,
All the rape and murder.
I can stop all the war,
All the violence, all the hate,
The sadness.

I can stop all the good,
All the beauty and kindness.
I can stop the sound of laughter,
The taste of food,
The smiles.
I can stop all the discoveries,
All the good memories,
All the love.

But I can’t decide if I should,
Because if I did, then it would all stop.

So I will grow old,
Because I can’t stop time.


  1. Wow! Extrodinary poem! (at least to me) I love it!
    It's really great to read something from you again Mac! (hope I can call you that)

  2. Thank you Sky. That really made me happy :)

    Thing is, Pen (I hope I can call you that :P) I want to write more, but inspiration rarely comes to me, and when it does I find it difficult to extract from my mind because there are so many other things to think about and I just look at a blank Word Document for half n hour and then give in.
    I will try, plus the encouragement from such awesome people gives me a push :D

  3. LOL Thing is Mac, I have a horrible habit of writing typos and silly spellign errors due to clumbsy and impatient fingers. I would typo your epic name so badly and we can't have that now. :P

    *sends in an extraction team to extract more genius from Mac*