Monday, 23 July 2012


Chop me up and wear my skin,
teach me how to live,
When darkness is all that's left of me
My smile becomes what I want to be.
This poem written in blood, insanity,
Irregular heartbeats sound.
I don't understand.
A mind snapped, a heart broken.
Wings are torn and bodies are trampled.
What I say is what I see,
No doubt I say no hypocrisy.
We're not living for long,
so just fly with me, die with me.
I get high off the fumes in my head,
A closed-eyed vision is what I project.
Swirling darkness engulfs me,
and shadows kick me,
like I'm just some other toy.
A toy.
Toys are meant to be played with,
then casted aside when the player gets bored.
I long for it.
Even if it's pain, I long for sensations.
My mind has snapped.
I sit, and laugh, and sit, and laugh.
I slit, and laugh, and slit, and laugh.
It's the blood that keeps me from sleeping.
Don't close your eyes, and you'll never die.
My mind has snapped.
Your slips and slurs and play on words
The swirl in my head.
You confuse me.
You spill my blood.
You are the cause of my misery.
You are a hypocrite.
And in the toughest times you vowed
To stay, right here by my side,
But where are you now?
Where are you when I need you?
You've disappeared into the shadows.
Waiting, waiting for me to die.
My mind has snapped.

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  1. *hugs her tight* This is so dark and powerful. such pain here. May you heal and see how lovely you are BB and ho loved and how brilliant you are.
    Love you sweetie.