Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Wavering Blogandians

All around, people smile;
Everywhere a grinning face,
In the crowd all the while-
Simply lost in this place!

You turn your back,
You look away;
You close your eyes-
You cannot stay.

Laughing voices fill your ears,
A gentle hand reaches out,
But you grimace, hiding tears
Your mind so full of thoughts of doubt

You look back and see their faces-
Down-turned lips and hurting eyes-
You grab your pack,
You mumble some goodbyes.

It's right, you think you know;
You don't belong inside their land:
It's time, you say, to go-
This is what you've planned.

To the exit door you trudge,
Your eyes, staring at the floor,
You feel their looks and hurry on
You lift your eyes and see the door!

Silence makes you feel so small,
But then a whisper murmurs low,
And a thousand join the call-
A roar that simply tells you, "No!"

They declare that you belong here-
They ask you.... Stay...
A thousand voices yell at you,
Pleading, never go away!

You pause, though, unsure
Why would they even want you?
You frown, confused to your core-
What on earth are you to do?

Then a voice calls out a plea,
And another speaks your name.
You realize... This has always been your family...
This is your home, all the same!

A smile spreads across your face,
And you grab the nearest hand!
They pull you in, the laughing mob-
You belong here in this land!

You always did and ever will!
A grin has kindled on your face;
You watch them laughing, sitting still;
And you know you're loved inside this place!

You belong, you really do!
You talk or watch contentedly;
This world of theirs, well it's yours too!
This is your home; they are your family!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful and heart stiring poem Skyril! Powerful message. Iove it all, especially the ending!
    Thanks for posting this!