Saturday, 30 July 2011

Black Death and the Angel of Light


Her heart was dead
Her soul was lost
She sat in shadow,
No expression on her face
She sat in a corner,
Headphones firmly in place
She listened to the music
She listened to the songs
They penetrated her mind
They infatuated her flesh,
But she didn't care;
Her heart was gone,
Her soul replaced
All that remained was red on black,
Hatred mixed despair
She trusted no one
No one cared enough for her,
To see if she was alright
She was the weirdo,
The annoying little kid
The one that sat there, day after day,
Letting the painful remarks disease her
She just didn't care anymore
Let them have their way,
Let them say what they wanted
Her heart was lost
Her soul was dead
Her mind was disappearing,
Her body was wearing away
She was useless
She was nothing but a fool
She was the girl with hollow eyes
She was just a stupid mule
A mule, to be given a job
A mule, to be beaten and hurt
A mule, souless, careless
A mule, nothing but a useless worker
That's who she was
Why did she even exist?
She took up space,
She sucked up air
She spread her black cloud
She should be gone from here!
No one cared at all
Why let her live?
She wasn't using life anyway
Might as well clean up that black mess!


A spirit of fire,
A body of elegance,
A soul of light,
A mind of intelligence
This one of great standard,
She was the most popular
She was the most loved
This girl of purity
This girl with a heart of innocence,
She was a magnificent one
This girl with golden locks,
She set crystal eyes on black Death
Her spirit of fire died down,
Her cheerful smile fell away
She gazed at the girl in the corner,
She saw the anguished creature
Her friends spat and scolded the thing,
Her parents told her to not get near it,
But she saw the girl and knew she was the same,
Knew she had reached her breaking point
This girl of crystal eyes knew!
She saw, she understood
To the horror of all-
She acknowledged the girl


Those two are always together,
Black Death and the Angle of light
One sits with headphones,
The other, a book in hand
Sometimes, the Angel gives Death a nudge
Death then looks up with a grim, dark smile
A companionable silence ensues,
But it's often broken
There's an insult thrown towards Death
The Angel would go to her defense,
Shrieking bloody murder
Death said to ignore it,
But the Angel never did
One day, the Angel herself was hurt by a boy
Black Death saw what happened
Her eyes turned red
She stood from her corner
She gazed at the frightened lad
Her voice was quiet
"You, boy, will regret that"
With that simple phrase, he was gone,
But Death appeared at his door in the night
Never again would he hurt the Angel
Never again, Death wouldn't allow it
Those two were very close,
One couldn't survive without the other
They were inseparable-
Black Death and the Angel of light


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!¡¡¡!!!

    Epica poem Skyril!!!
    It really captures the feelings that each character represents. A truly wonderful piece of writing!


  2. WOW SKyril! This is AMAZING! So BEAUTIFUL! I love the contrat in here and th epart about friendship!

    I totaly related to the Black death part. :D

    *hugs her*
    I saw you wrote this when you where feeling down.
    *hugs her*
    EPICA poem my friend!

  3. I think you need to draw this pair! Except I don't remember you drawing - you photograph, right?

  4. Yup, that's right, Ann! Bad at drawing, decent at photography :]
    But Venice is drawing them! :D

  5. You've taken some amazing photographs. I wouldn't say you were just decent.

    And awesome! Can't wait to see them!



    Amazing contrast and use of emotion!