Monday, 14 November 2011

Hear ye, hear ye! (Ok, I was really stuck for a title).

I bet you can guess who this one's dedicated to! 

Ok, I know this is pretty bad. Well, some sections especially. But it's the thought that counts, right?

Down by the riverside,
Beneath a blossomed tree,
Sat a beautiful princess,
Laughing merrily.
One could believe that she understood
How joyous life could be.

She was a true princess
Not by marriage or birth, but heart,
She had a smile brighter than 1000 suns
And although in books she mayn’t be smart
Her charm and grace took their place
Within her peoples hearts.

Her prince, he was a tyrant,
Their love was sweet but short.
And he was blacked out of the family tree
But she- far sadder than she’d thought,
As he left to marry another
Woman that he sought.

But the good people helped her,
And things started to get better.
New love began to flower-
A lady and a professor,
And another left a girl,
Who certainly was much lesser.

The said ‘another’ came to court,
A gentle smile in hand,
He said, “I am the poet
Known throughout this land.
I should like to see the princess,”
He said in a voice so grand.

They took him to her chamber,
Where she sat in a man’s uniform.
“I am guarding my heart,” she said, she said,
“Protecting it from harm.”
And so, she rose and looked at him,
Cold and strong and calm.

Boldly, without a smile she stood,
But this was not what he could see,
“I hope you know, my darling,
That your heart would be safe with me.”
And so he leaned in, and kissed her,
Softly, gently.

She looked into his eyes,
And not another word she said,
But he knew, and how he knew,
What lay inside her head.
Her heart was always his,
Always will and always had.

And love was this and this it was,
Of patience, trust and hope,
And my two friends, the lovers,
I pray they do not elope.
For we do wish to see them,
And how they smile and how they cope.

The world is such, a mystery,
Where love falls in and out,
But only the most beautiful,
Is where ‘you’ is what it’s about-
I heard that love is selfless, 
And kind and good throughout.

And although I don’t see it,
Perhaps one day I will,
But now I can watch the lovers,
My poet and my girl,
My lady and my professor,
And many more as well.

And I end this with a message
Of two engagements, and thus two rings,
They shall be married by the riverside,
Where the blossoms do flower so pink.
And I shall be there to see them,
And of their happiness I will sing. 

Please tell me that poem just made sense... (I'm sorry! My inner editor hasn't died yet!)


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  2. SO beautiful Quinn! This touched me deeply. I have some differnt thoughts about the one part though.
    *holds Quinn forever*
    This is so epica!

  3. *claps* so sweet
    but *hugs* you are amazeballs.


  4. I love this! You are so talented Quinn!

    This is awesomesauce. And sweet. And like a ballad. And I love it.

    So beautiful.

    Although I disagree about that one part.

    You shall never be lesser. Never.


    You are very gifted.

  5. I feel as if a lute should be played whenever this poem is read.

    Even if it didn't make sense, you could just say "It's art. I doesn't need to make sense".

  6. This is incredible! It makes perfect sense too! Added bonus!
    This poem is of Octa's standard at least! Thankyou for posting this!

  7. This is fantastic, Quinn!


    It's brilliant. But, like others have said, you are not lesser and never will be.

  8. I have nthing to say that has not already been said.
    This is awesome, and we love you.

  9. QUINN! *leaps into her arms* It made me cry and it's all your fault. Hug me now.

    And I agree with everyone else; you are in no way lesser. Apart from in the height department.