Friday, 22 June 2012

The middle man

When worlds collide, do humans cry?
Do we save ourselves, do we even try,
To clean the blood that's on our hands,
The blood which stains our seas and lands?
Why do we fire multiple shots
If we know they burn flesh, white hot?
Why do people casually ignore
The cries which penetrate blood and gore?
Why do people quarrel so much?
Why can't we get along and such?
The tears which leave slight traces down
In which innocent people drown.
Are we even innocent to begin,
or are we born for sinners' reign?
Who draws the line between dark and light,
The sun which chases away dark cold nights?
What is right and what is wrong?
The shouts which scream, "Alright, so long!"
They bury me, your cries of anger,
Why do you, your family, mangle?
What's this other purpose you hold,
to fight for "righteousness", is that so gold?
Why do you cry to me and to others,
if your problems are your own, I shudder.
Does it take a death to show,
That what you reap is what you sow?
What you sow is chaos now,
And in the end will chaos bow?
You don't know, and neither do I,
But all I can do is heave a big sigh,
And pray to heaven that it'll all be over.
Come back to me when you've blown your cover.

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  1. Oh, wow I love this. I love every single poem you write, so so much. *hugs*