Wednesday, 20 June 2012


At first, it seemed, there were some cries,
Deceiving minds, whispering lies.
The cut in my wrist to set me free,
Dig deep in blood to find the key.
The timer, ticking, counting down,
The trap to break my delicate crown.
Burning me up, tearing apart,
Crows that call, "GIVE THE FUCK UP!"
Perspiration dripping wet,
It'll be fine, don't break a sweat.
But blood it drips and pain it wrecks
Standing still on a blood-stained deck
The ocean crashes below my feet
The sound, it seems, is so so sweet,
The sharp rocks glint in ocean spray
Salty air and waters pray
Please don't do it, please don't leave.
The lies life tells you has you deceived.
I've had enough, walking to the edge,
Who wants to feel like they're in a cage?
The brilliant sun calls to my soul,
Come, come, away from the world.
I scream and shout as I fall,
Heeding the glorious sun's call.
At first, it seemed, there were some cries.
Deceiving minds, whispering lies.