Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Trust A Poem

A person writes a poem to get a thought across
Perhaps it is love, anger, or loss
Poems are beautiful when they say how you feel
It's always the truth, not fake, but real
If you trust nothing else, trust a poem
If you love a man, this is how you show him
If anger is what you feel, that shines too
It explains what's really true
Poems from these, this group of ours
They're sometimes mournful or filled with flowers
No matter what, they say something true
So write one for me, if you're feeling blue
But don't write a finger-pointing, blaming, scheming, conniving, "this happened so I'm self-righteous" one
Because then, trust me, you'll just get shunned.

1 comment:

  1. Going to ignore the last two lines. Sorry, just a principle of mine I intend on sticking to.

    Poems, and words in general, have power. And yeah, when you write something, it's YOU writing, your thoughts conveyed in letters. The things you write always have things to do with something you're going through.
    Words should be used to do good. The only thing is, 'good' is different for everyone. For some, good is allowing everyone to do what they wish, without having a minority telling them what they can and can't do. For others, it's no one hurting another, and dealing headfirst with those people who are hurting. For me, 100% good is in-achievable. Because I see good as when everyone feels safe. Safe to say what they feel without getting judged. Safe from fighting, safe from being criticized for trying to help. Safe from themselves.
    But this is the internet, where consequences don't have to be faced, and words can be thrown around thoughtlessly. And words can hurt. Some more than others. Whether direct insults or indirect criticism.

    100% good is in-achievable. But can we at least try?