Thursday, 14 June 2012

Mirror, mirror

Mirror, mirror, on my wall,
I just want to be thin, pretty and tall.

Mirror, mirror, if I change my hair,
maybe someone will start to care?

Mirror, mirror, if I starve myself,
at least I'll be beautiful, nevermind my health.

Mirror, mirror, if I cut my wrist,
will I feel like I exist?

Mirror, mirror, don't you see?
what you show is ruining me.

Far too long it had watched her cry,
so the mirror decided to reply.

What you think you see, it isn't true,
the misery is found inside of you.

Don't lock yourself in a broken soul
or I promise you, one day, you'll lose control.

Poet's note: It's not very long, just something I thought of but couldn't write down. I have another poem that I need to finish.

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