Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Depression 2

Depression's an ugly monster,
That squats heavily upon the shoulders,
Of its captive,
Sucking out the life force,
Feeding ugly thoughts and feelings,
Reddish hate and bluey sadness,
Falling like a waterfall from the caverns of your eyes,
Makes you feel so hopeless, neverending,


  1. ~hugs Chan tight~
    CHAN! It's been so long!
    Depression is pretty awful. I've only REALLY felt the brunt of it once.
    I've been sad and depressed before, but this one time it was REALLY bad.
    Fortunately it didn't last too long, though.
    I hope if you ARE depressed, that you'll feel better soon. :]
    You should come on the chat!
    It's been ages!
    We'd love to see you :D

  2. Chan! Amazing poem! You captured the essence of what depression is. I have felt the pain of it before. *hugs tight* I felt it when you no longer showed up. I hope you are doing OK Chan! Return to us and let us help you feel better again!
    It's good to see something written by you again!

  3. Thank you Skyril and Kal, I put down my quill and inkpot for a while, but now i have picked them up again, I SHALL WRITE AGAIN! and I shall come on chat again!

    Now we gotta get Mr. Pyro writing his stories and poems again and his artwork. I MISS YOUR STORIES SO MUCH! D: