Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hear me out.

The spark of thought that comes to mind, 
It is so bright and qualified,
But still It doesnt seem so worth the while.
For when the world moves on,
And while you watch it as it goes by,
It leaves you all alone, left behind.

When you have no more time to think,
The one answer found inside, 
I think its best to leave, 
The thought seems so fine,
So good at once, 
Forever isn't to long to say goodbye.

Forgotten thoughts of those you steal,
Precious moments of lives you conceal,
Hope and fear collide at once,
Mixed reactions upon those who thrust,
Remember this, 

The mightier sword was always the pen,
And the words the pen wrote, 
Were the ones that hurt the most,
They hit you deep down inside your gut,
The destruction of the heart and the failure of trust,
Its all so clear as you see me now,
Hated unwanted, i shall now vow.

Leaving is stupid, cos you'll come back,
I won't leave, not till justice is done.
Till everything's sorted,
And you can go home,
When everyone's happy and can laugh again,
When everything, is F.U.N.