Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Blue Butterfly

The butterfly-
         Delicate-like lace-
Flitting about at a definite pace.
          Blue as can be-
She is just like the sea!

The lovely creature,
          She sets down to rest-
Her wings spread out wide 'lest
          Her a predator spies,
For the pretty lass needn't hide;
                   Her beauty is her defense.

The candy to sight
          Daintily takes to the air!
Great eyes stare up from her
          Wings of a pair.
As she sets down again,
           Great contrast is she
To the browns of the leaves
           Upon which she leans.

The butterfly of blue
           Some would call weak-
Her end would come swiftly
           With the peck of a beak-
But, nay, she is strong-
           To our view: a melody, a song,
But to a bird-
           Frightful, indeed, is the word!

Her doorway to the soul
           Appears and seems
Big and black as coal;
            Rather, 'tis her wings that beam-
Not her eyes-
            So full of innocent cries!
The sweet butterfly.

The little blue fairy-
           She flies to the sky!
Her wings all a-flutter-
            Waving goodbye.
I know, lovely friend,
             I will see you again.
Perhaps in the spring,
             I'll meet your children!
Farewell for now to thee;
             May a happy life be
To make you so happy,
                      Dear butterfly.


  1. This is so lovely and sweet Skyril! It is wonderful to read! You are an artist with words my dear sister! So a splendid talented beautiful artist!

  2. Just finished reading all three of your latest. I have one word.


    You are an artist with words, and I agree with Kal on the fact that you should think about getting these published. You are amazing, you show exactly how much writing is indeed an art.

    1. Oh you guys are so awesome!
      ~huggies them both~
      Thanks you so much for what you've said!
      I really haven't a clue how to get something published, [and I don't know if anyone would publish anything of mine anyway :P] but the next time I see Octa I'll ask him! :D
      I really appreciate that y'all read my poems, and I thank you even more for commenting on them such encouraging comments :D
      ~glomps you both~