Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I'd Like to Think

I'd like to think that people tend towards generosity and kindness
When all the time it's actually uncaring blindness;
I'd like to think that parents dearly love their children
Even though I know they'll never be forgiven;
I'd like to think that one loved would ne'er betray his kin,
But I know I'm just naive as I've seen it time and time again;
I'd like to think that a friend is always truly loyal
When actually he's egotistical and spoiled;
I'd like the think that all and sundry speak the truth
Even though I know most speak lies uncouth;
I'd like to think that dragons live in caves of turquoise blue,
But I know that line of thought it merely silly too.
I'd like to think of lot of things unfortunately false,
But I guess until they're true, I'll go on being lost.


  1. *goes and finds Skyril and brings her to a dragon living in a cave of turquoise blue*
    See? it's TRUE! It's not silly! XDDDDDD
    *hugs her*
    Found another dragon in a PURPLE cave! YAY
    Fantastic poem Skyril.
    So bitter sweet.
    As always you know how to capture what people feel and put it down in words woven with magic.
    Well done!