Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Wind and You and I

You and I and the wind
Went out to the open field
To breathe the grain's soul
To dance with the flowing river
To bleat with the passing cattle
We've gone to escape from here.

The three of us in a tramp's outdoor song
The wind and you and I.

I picked you a thorn and a flower
You kissed a young sheep on the way
And a jackal escaped from our path
We cried with a tree during fall
We laughed and continued our travels
Me and the wind and you.

You and I and the wind,
The tree of us in a tramp's outdoor song
The wind and you and I.

You and I and the wind
Didn't return for a rest
Gulping down paths and fields
Suddenly we reached the sea
In front of the waves we kneeled
The wind carried on alone.

And with it sails a  tramp's outdoor song
We're left just you and I.

I translated this song. I met the writer of it today. Here's the best version of the original I found:


  1. Wow! That's beautiful! I wish I could listen to it, but I can't :/
    And you met the writer! That's awesome! How did that come about?

  2. My little brother participated in a show in tribute to that poet. When the show ended, I went backstage to get my brother, and met him. Later I found out that when he was younger he wooed my grandma XD