Saturday, 11 February 2012


Brick by brick I fall,
An old, good-for-nothing building,
Not nice to look at anymore,
Just there to take up space.

You knock me down,
As if I am nothing,
Then pick me back up,
Filling me with warmth.

I hate you,
Because you've left me,
I love you,
Because you stay in my heart.

My bricks are gone,
I'm just some piece of stone,
Crumbling, bit by bit,
Crumbling, until there's nothing left.


  1. *more hugs and more cookies of awesome*

  2. *hugs* It's beautiful Gep ... Why does your beautiful poetry have to come from depression?

    Please feel better soon Gep!

  3. it's really good Gep! beautiful and amazing... don't be depressed *cookies and hugs*

  4. ~Hugs Geppy forever~
    Don't crumble! You're a wonderful, strong person! You write such beautiful and moving poetry! Such fantastic and brilliant literature!
    You're a magnificent dear, Gep, and I hope to read more of your poetry soon! Also hope I can actually see you soon. We always seem to miss each other, which is insanely annoying. Anyway, ~hugs some more~
    Bravo again! :D