Saturday, 11 February 2012

You're Gone

What was it you said?
That you'd stay,
That you wouldn't leave,
That you'd help.

Yet where are you?
I do not see you anywhere,
Not even in my head anymore,
Not even in my thoughts.

How can this be?
That our friendship is still strong,
Even though I may hate you,
For you've left me alone in this cruel world.

You lied.
You lied to me about everything,
You lied to me you'd stay,
You lied to me you loved me,
You lied to me. 

 Well, now I say, "ENOUGH!"
Enough of this bullshit,
Enough of this stress!
I'm sick of it all, just give it a rest!

I can't wait any longer,
It's tearing me apart,
Us not being close,
It just needs to end...


  1. *hugs Gep*

    Great poem. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. *hugs Gep* Great poem you always write from your heart which means you always have great poems.

    Chin up mrister! Hope you feel better soon!