Sunday, 4 September 2011

Doctor Man

He began way back when
The Universe open to him
Anything he wanted
Outside the Blue Box.

Weeping Angels
A most deadly foe
Blink and you're gone
Into a world of woe.

Cybermen, Cyberwomen
They delete you from existence
Gone forever
The void shall take you.

Oh but the Daleks
The worst of all
They point a whisk
A deadly weapon
It kills you stone dead
A flash of blue light.

Wait, what's this?
An even worse foe
The Master lives on
From the cold dark war.

He rules the world now
What will we do?
Get The Doctor of course
He'll make it all right!

And of course he does
He's The Doctor
Nothing can go wrong
Except the Timelord Baby!

Made to love
Forced to hate
Tries to kill him
Ends up saving him.

We shall see her again
Old River Song
She'll be alright
Until The Doctor dies.

The Doctor Man
In all his glory
Never was a good person
Since the very beginning.


  1. Awesoem, Gepard! I love the mentions of the creatures and characters in the show! :D Now I want to do a Doctor Who poem! :P
    Loved it!

  2. FTW
    EPICA Gepard! I love it! Fantastic! You are so gifted and talented at writing! Thanks for postingthis!

  3. Great poem gepp!

    Never really watched doctor who...but the Poem maks it sound amazing!

  4. *runs around farting sparkly queenly rainbow farts of blessing that smell like roses*