Monday, 12 September 2011

Stupid, stupid, stupid

Why? You ask yourself,
Leaning over, hitting a shelf.
Why? you ask again and again,
There was nothing in there for you to gain.
Stupid, stupid, stupid girl.
Why'd you trade that for all the world?
Your father's hand was right to hit,
Empty, stupid, piece of shit.
Idiotic enough to resist the change,
Now your body's racked with pain.
Teeth knocked out and blood on the floor,
Eyes in tears and face in gore.
Half burned, half blood, that's what you are.
Swallow your vomit like a dog at a bar.
Tears that come again, sting your eyes,
Bend down and get on all fours with the flies.
You should have known much better.
Your jealous dad, your given tormenter.
Give up, you stupid teen.
Rhyming couplets will never win.
Instead, brutal force prevails,
Much like the uncovering of a bride's veil.
So give up, hang yourself.
Leaning in, you hit a shelf.


  1. Ouch. :-( I'm sorry your dad's like that. I think your poems are brilliant. I don't doubt you could sell some if you wanted, and even if you don't, they're worth writing.


  2. *hugs BB* Your poetry is always brillian BB. You have such a gift for it. I hope you will never give it up!
    Please tell me that you are ok I am worried about you.

  3. Hey Kal. Thanks :) I've just been feeling really down lately, someone watched porn on my computer (I won't say who, it's just that obvious) and my dad thinks its me. so that happened. And so it passed.

  4. Aw, ~hugs BB~ Your poems are amazing, beautiful, and fantastic! I love reading them! You have such a talent for it! :D
    I don't think your dad should have treated you so bad like it seems he did :<
    I hope you're really alright!
    ~hugs again~