Monday, 26 September 2011

Unbelievably Depressing Poem

This is a joint poem cowritten by me and Quinn. Grey lines are by Quinn. Blue by me.

Unbelievably Depressing Poem That May Make You Want To Eat Your Own Arm. You Have Been Warned!

I’ve got a door in my heart and a cupboard in my brain
Where I hide my depression, my anger and pain
The walls are dark, with no light inside
This is the place in which I hide.

When the world gets too much, when I run out of hope
When the fear gets a hold, when I no longer cope
Then let me stay here, let my outside seem strong
Let me cry behind the door, this is where I belong

I put on a brave face, I brush away a tear
I look like I’m happy, yet I’m nowhere near.
It’s hard to live but harder to die
So I remain in the middle, just barely alive

I look out on the world, but the world doesn’t care
Doesn’t care how I feel, how I live, how I fare
I’ve given up on prayer; I’ve given up on faith
I have nothing left. All I do is wait.

I wait for an answer, a miracle, a friend
I wait for the oncoming darkness to end
But that day never comes, so I stay behind the door
I shut it all in the cupboard, and hide that beneath the floor.

Where I scream at the voices, who whisper back to me
That you’ll never see the stars shine, nothing’s all you shall be
And I can’t help but see they’re right, the proof is in front of my eyes
I have people who say else wise, but those are just white lies

A comforting illusion, well meant but far too late
For failure’s all I ever do, my lifeblood and my fate
I’m not sure what life meant for me, but things never work out
So I try and trudge on, like a farmer in a drought

The words they buzz around my brain, but slip through mind and thought
Frustrating me and baiting me until I stop, distraught
My breathing quickens, my logic subsides
I’m lost and I’m confused. Any joy is cast aside.

You looked at me with pity, for a while, and then forgot,
That I’m still in need of comforting. I’m left alone to rot.
I don’t want to dwell in my self-pity, I want to be a good man
But this feeling overtakes me, and nothing ever goes to plan.

No matter how hard I try, never mind how much I serve,
I begin to think this punishment, is what I truly deserve.
And this becomes the truth, cold and hard and set in stone.
I’m a broken person. But moreover I’m alone.

So I’ll stay like this forever. I’ll weep, I’ll sob, I’ll cry.
I’ll languish in my battered mind. Til the very day I die.


  1. BEautiful amazing poem written by two epica master poets!
    And I didn't eat either of my arms. No..

    I ate my ear!

    Don't ask.... better you do not know.

    *looks around shiftily*

    One suggestion. Can you two now team up and do a poem about kicking egbutt's well....butt?

    Hmmmm? The you both must do a beautiful and happy poem .:D

  2. Such a brilliant, beautiful, and sad poem. You two are just so amazing, and I'm in awe of your talent.

    I didn't eat any of my limbs (but I WAS munching on corn chips while I was reading this). This poem describes how I feel sometimes so well....

    Except, you know, the part about wanting to be a good man. I'd like to be a good WOMAN. Becoming a man would be an awfully long and strange process.

  3. Thanks Kallista and Thalia! :D *gives them each a chocolate arm to eat*

    *puts a plaster where Kals ear used to be* *draws a purple penguin on it*

    Happy poem? *ponders the thought*

    I find it amusing that I was the one who wrote the 'good man' line :P I meant man in the human being sense of the word... at least... I hope I did. :P

    *starts building a rainbow*
    *pats Kallista on the head* You are a most excellent llama. :D

  4. Hey, I just got an idea! Why don't y'all do it again, except with different people in order to make two new poems that are done jointly?
    Like maybe Quin with Chan and Octa with Kal?
    That would be awesome :D

  5. This is amazing! I feel an odd urge to compose it.. Teaming up turns ut really well for you two (:
    Btw, I'm new here :P